Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount Bike Rack Review

Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Bicycle riding is an excellent form of exercise for people who enjoy the outside. Similar to children who learned to ride for the first time, riding a bike is a fun pastime for many adults too.

Riding in the neighborhood, down the streets in the city or in the park, a bike can go wherever the rider takes it. In some cases, however, when a rider has to travel long distances to the locations that they prefer, they may need to transport their bikes on their vehicles.

In order to transport a bicycle on any vehicle properly, the biker will need the right equipment.

Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

The right type of equipment for transporting a bike are those that allow the bike to be placed securely on the vehicle so that it will not fall. In specific, the owner of the bike will need to make sure that they have a bicycle trunk mount for transporting.

Fortunately, there are a lot of different variations of trunk mounts for bicycles on the market that can be used to suit a number of different purposes and needs. One of the most notable is the Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount .

For more information about the Saris Bones RS 3, you can read its feature pros and cons of its usage and what consumers are saying about it below.


  • This trunk mount rack has been designed with a number of different uses in mind so it is strap-free, and it can hold up to 3 bicycles of any size
  • Even though this trunk mount rack does not include straps, it does have a ratcheting System that has two tightening ratchets with steel-belted bands
  • For added security, it has been made with an Integrated locking system
  • To make sure the bike is stable on the rack it also includes, anti-sway frame grips and Pivoting
  • Buyers will have a lifetime limited warranty
  • Mount rack has been designed to fit almost any vehicle including sedans and minivans


With all of the great features provided in this product, it’s not uncommon for the maker to receive good reviews and feedback. This is true for this trunk mount rack for numerous reasons.

That said, here are some of the most common benefits of using this trunk mount rack to transport bikes from one location to another.

– Allows owner to transport 3 bikes at a time so it is great for families who have three people who want to participate in these activities.

– When bikes are place on the trunk mount rack, they are securely positioned so they do not move around.

– Locking straps and key works great, as the makers of this product advertised

– Straps used to tie the bike down are easy to secure and release when installing and uninstalling

– Entire system is easy to remove from one vehicle to another whenever it is needed

– Includes Theft deterrent locks that’s normally not featured on other bike trunk mount racks

– Quick and easy to load and unload bikes


– Even though the rack does fit securely on the vehicle, the double support suction cup brace features do not work properly.

– Hack is needed to tie the front wheel down to keep it from swaying in the wind. To correct a modification to the design will need to be made. Suggested fix is a bungee cord.

– Initial set up can take a little time and effort when reading the instruction. However, once complete the first time, it is much easier to set up and install.

Consumer Feedback

Overall the feedback for this product is very good. Buyers are receptive to all of the features included and its well though out ergonomic design.

According to consumers, the Saris Bones RS 3 trunk mount takes it one step further than its competitors by including a locking system with a key that works as a theft deterrent. It also contains a number of different components that help the trunk mount rack to fit snugly, while also making it simple and easy to install.

As also previously stated, 3 bikes can fit securely without causing damage to the transport vehicle.

Where Can I Read More Reviews for the Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack?

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon.
Click here to read more customer reviews.

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