Thule BSTK2 bike stacker: The best indoor bike storage review


The Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker is a very good bike rack option for anyone living in a small or tiny apartment, where space is at a premium. This Thule freestanding bike rack is also a good option when you are not permitted to affix anything to the wall but still needed an indoor bike rack storage solution.

This Thule 2 bike stacking rack is an invaluable part of my tiny apartment because the space that I have is at a premium and I have to maximise every bit of the space.  By stacking the bikes, one above the other, more space is saved to locate other furniture.

The free standing bike rack is place in a corner away from everything important but located in a spot that give easy access to load and unload the bikes at will.

There is a different type of Bike rack in my garage for the kids’ bikes to make it easier for them to access their bike. I would not want them to try to take down their bike and have the bike stacker fall over on them.  

The Thule BSTK2 Universal 2 Bike Stacker, is one of the best Indoor Bike Storage Rack because of it has a very beautiful design that will fit the décor of most modern apartment. The ease of use is a feature that you will appreciate.

Who wants to spend valuable time fitting up a bike stacker or a bike rack, I surely don’t.   I really love this bike rack and if you need your own then Click Here to check out the current prices on Amazon.

Experience when the bike stacker was received

Opening and setting up the bike stacker storage solution is very easy to do, anyone can do it. I was able to get the bike rack standing and ready for use within 10 minutes of opening the box and reading the instructions.

After you set up the bike stacker you will realise that there are a number of features that you will definitely appreciate. One of the best features of the Thule indoor bike storage rack that you would like is that it is completely freestanding.

As a result, there is no requirement for you to purchase or implement any wall mounting solution. The fact that the bike stacker is freestanding means that this feature will ensure that you can move the bike stacker around as much as possible and can be located in a more convenient spot in your home at any time.

The different pieces of the bike stand fits snugly and is very sturdy, these features are important for a good bike rack to work properly. The bike rack is an excellent solution for storing bikes in an apartment or a garage, as it takes up much less space than 2 bikes do on the ground, saving you a considerable amount of floor area.

This is what I personally like about the Thule BSTK2 bike stacker

The Thule BSTK2 Universal BSTK2 Bike Stacker makes loading and unloading the bike super easy because of its simple design. The bike rack is cushioned with the cradles on the top and bottom of the rack so that loading and unloading your bikes don’t scratch them up, which is a huge advantage and very nice feature to have that other cheaper bike racks don’t have.

The stand pieces attach very snugly and feel very sturdy, built with premium, heavy duty steel construction, which is important and a nice quality to have on a bike mount.

It allows for 2 bikes to be mounted at a time, one at the top and one at the bottom. It is important that you always put the heavier bike at the bottom and the lighter bike at the top. This will ensure that the bike stacker remain stable.

The adjustable arms also make it very easy to load and remove bikes from the rack, and also make it very universal for any bicycle you have.

It’s V shaped full cushioned bike holder cradle for each bike are designed to protect each bike and prevent the bike from getting scratched or damaged while getting loaded or unloaded from the rack.

Floors in parts of the apartment can be a bit uneven therefore the adjustable leveling feet is a good addition and make the bike mount a lot more sturdy. The foot of the stand can be levelled easily, as you can level this to the floor that you have the bike mount on so that it doesn’t wobble and is securely locked to the floor.

I love this feature because, with it, the bike stacker would be prevented from falling over when loading or unloading bikes.

This bike rack also comes with a full lifetime warranty, so if anything ever happens to it, you are covered by Thule. You should check if the warranty is still available. Overall, this bike rack is a good one and it fits in well with an opulent apartment because it looks good.

Here is a summary of the Pros that I like about the Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker:

-Easy to setup and install

-Very sturdy construction and great design

-Fully cushioned bike holder for preventing scratches

-Excellent space saving for a garage or small apartment

-Freestanding, therefore no wall mounting devices are needed

-Universal design and supports most bikes on the market

-Lifetime Warranty – shows the manufacturer belief in the product.

Here is a summary of the Cons about the Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker:

– Tools are required to set up the bike stacker that is not included as part of the package. A 10mm wrench is required in order to assemble the bike rack.

– The bike stacker may be difficult for a weak individual or a child to load and unload.

Final thoughts on the Thule bike stacker

Overall I would recommend purchasing this Bike Storage Rack as it works very well and is made of very sturdy and high quality materials. I would definitely purchase again and feel that I got a great value for the price I paid for it.

The prices are always changing, you can check the latest price here on Amazon.  The premium build quality and features that this rack has is a must. You will also appreciate the lifetime warranty.

This product is highly rated on Amazon see the reviews for this bike stacker by using the link. Remember, if you purchase the product on Amazon I will receive a very small commission, this does not impact the price that you pay for the product.

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