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What are the best bike racks and how to choose one? Have you ever been on a road trip to a beautiful place with your family or friends and thought, “I should’ve bought my bike along”?

Isn’t it annoying when it’s a nice day and a beautiful city and you can’t take an impromptu bike ride? I know it is, I’ve been there.

About a year ago, I had just bought a mini cooper and I took a trip down to a beautiful village in Germany.

And as I reached there, I realized what a great place it is to ride your bike. But do you know what I did? I bought myself a bike rack.

How to choose the right bike rack for your Mini Cooper?

Mini Coopers have very particular specifications, which means that their accessories are not only unique and hard to find, they can also be expensive.

So, when you go out to buy yourself a bike rack for Mini Cooper, you must remember that there are some things important for consideration. The following is a list of some of the priorities you must set before you make a decision:

  • Space

If you are just going to carry one bike, single bike racks are enough. However, if you have a sibling or a spouse who wants to take their bike along as well, consider buying a two-bike rack.

  • Compatibility

Before you buy a bike rack for Mini Cooper, make sure it is compatible with your car or vehicle. Mini coopers are mostly compatible with three types of racks:

  • Hitch mounted racks
  • Trunk mounted racks
  • Roof bike racks

Apart from where it goes, take special notice of what kind of bike the tray can hold. Look at the maximum hitch compatibility and the maximum size of the tire that it can support, etc. A mini cooper has a Class 1 hitch with a capacity of 1 – ¼ inches receiver. These features and details may be small but they have a significant role to play in the usability of the bike rack.

Considering this piece of information, make your purchase accordingly.

  • Budget

I understand that getting a bike rack is absolutely essential for you and Mini Coopers can have pricey accessories. However, punching a hole in your pocket is not necessary.

There are several affordable and budget-friendly bike racks in the market. All you have to do is dig deep into the options and keep an eye open for the good stuff.

  • Design

Based on what your bike style is, your bike racks should have an appropriate design. Consider the measurements of the arms and frame, and give details a good look as well.

Some bike racks have additional straps, padding, and other additional features in their design. Straps help with stability and padding ensures a scratch-less ride.

Similarly, foldable designs and reclined bike racks are also a plus. These might add a few bucks to the overall price but they can come in very handy. They add to the protection and durability factor of the rack, your bike, and your cooper!

  • Weigh tolerance

Just like the style of the bike, make sure that the bike rack can hold the weight of your bike as well. It is best if you weigh your bike before you go out to the market.

Doing this will help you had a proper list of your primary and secondary priorities. You can then use this list as a filter or criterion to purchase a rack.

The 5 best bike racks for Mini Cooper:

Since I have a Mini cooper and want to help out other fellow owners as well, the following is a list of 5 options. Go through it and find yourself the best bike rack for Mini Cooper.

Yakima – Halfback Trunk Bike Strap Rack


A trunk bike rack that weighs about 24.5 lbs and has a capacity of 3 bikes, this bike carrier comes with style, strength, and capacity.

It features a SuperCush ZipStrip which adds to the security of the bike. This Zipastrip is removable. The design is modern and suits well to your Mini Cooper, enhancing its aesthetics.

Plus, it is very easy to install with the interlocking HUB and four-strap adjustment, so it does not require professional help.


  • The rack has a bomber frame externally so it is tough and durable.
  • It is also padded to make sure the paint remains intact and good as new.
  • It is very compact and easy to store.
  • Loading and unloading are very easy with this one.


  • Security features are not added.

BV 2-Bike Bicycle Hitch Mount Rack Carrier for Car Truck SUV- Tray Style Smart Tilting Design


The rack has a tilt-back design that allows you to access your car’s rear side without taking off the hitch rack. You can also fold the rack up and save space when it’s not being used. The safety reflector improves visibility and makes night rides easier and safer. Plus, the exterior is strong and chic with all-back components.


  • The rack is designed like a tray, with arms and loops.
  • The arms are padded to protect your bike from damage and scratches.
  • It is overall a very budget-friendly option for the specs it provides.


  • It is not compatible with fat-tire bikes.
  • The rack can support up to 35 lbs for each bike only.
  • The pads on the arms are not as durable as the rest of the tray.

MINI Cooper Touring Bike Holder Fits Hard-Top and Clubman

The holder accommodates any bike with a frame smaller than 80mm in Diameter. While purchasing a mini cooper, we can get this bike rack pre-installed. This way, you will get a warranty as much as the car’s. The bike rack maintains a distance between your bike and your car to avoid damage and scratching.


  • The rack is very stylish on its own, and doesn’t ruin the aesthetics of the car either.
  • It is affordable when compared to the other competitors in the market.


  • You cannot install it yourself. Professional help is necessary.
Buy on Amazon

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 102DB


This black silver Mount rack gives you style, efficiency, and durability. It not only fits a mini cooper but also most of the other sedans, minivans, hatchbacks, and SUVs. The Mount rack has arms that are 12 inches in length and 11.5 inches wide. The bonus point is that it features a patented individual tie-down system to secure and protect the item while it ships.


  • The design is simple yet sturdy.
  • You can Mount two bikes on the rack at a time
  • The long and wide carry arms accommodate a variety of bike styles and give greater compatibility.
  • The design is a single configuration that removes the hassle of setting it up and installing it.


  • You do not get a warranty if you purchase the item through a third-party seller.
  • Some consumers have reportedly found issues with the strap quality.
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Allen Sports Deluxe 2-bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 102DN-R


Since Allen Sports had made a special, reputable name in the industry, here’s another one from the same brand. This one is also a two-bike design and is equally efficient. The design features padding on the lower frame and individual tie-downs to protect your bikes and secure them. The carrying arms are 12 inches long and 15 inches wide. Plus, it has a maximum carrying capacity of 70 pounds.


  • The rack comes fully assembled, saving your time and energy.
  • The bike features side straps to increase lateral stability.
  • Considering the specs and quality, this bike rack is pretty affordable.


  • This bike rack does not have a folding design.
  • The part of the rack that connects to the car is not padded. Metal to metal can cause damage to both the items.

  • Buy on Amazon

Capstone Hitch Mount 2 Bike Carrier


This simple yet effective design consists of powder coating and a wide lower frame. Because of this, it is not only durable but it is also capable of fitting a maximum variety of bike styles. The best thing about this model is that it consists of an anti-wobble device that gives your bike stability and a lesser chance of damage.


  • You can fit fat bikes on this bike rack as well.
  • The rack is easy to assemble and easy to lock.
  • The attachment and removal of the rack are very easy and simple; they do not involve a lot of struggle.


  • It can be a little expensive for those who are on a budget.
  • It is not as stylish as its competitors in the same price range.

Saris Bones Car Bike Rack, Trunk, or Hitch Carrier

With a capacity of 2 to 4 bicycles at a time, and a compact space, this one will save you a lot of space. The injection- molded structure of the rack ensures strength and durability. The material of the product is a hundred percent recyclable and non-rusting. It features retractable steel woven straps that you can fix one time and not worry about dangling anymore. Furthermore, the ratcheting hold-downs are quickly and easily adjustable.


  • You get to choose from two different colors: red and blue.
  • The rack can hold two bikes each weighing 35lbs.
  • You also get to choose the capacity of the rack: two or three bikes.
  • The rack itself is very lightweight.


  • Does not have any integrated locks.
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How to maintain these bike racks:

Bike racks can be expensive and as much as they are durable and strong, they need proper maintenance. Just like anything else, if left unattended, they will start to break down and lose quality.

  • Keep it clean

If your bike rack is collecting dust, it is collecting a lot of other things as well. The dust and dirt will slowly start to damage the material and eventually lead to permanent damage. If you use this bike rack, most probably collapse. Thus, make it your regular habit to check on the right and make sure it is clean. Wipe it clean and wash it often. Especially after returning from a trip.

  • Keep it dry.

You must remember that drying the bike rack after you wash it or take it out in the rain is a very crucial step. The reason behind this is that accumulating water or retained moisture can lead to rust if the material of the bike rack is prone to it. Metal can catch rust if it has leftover moisture on it for a prolonged period or if it is continuously exposed to humidity.

  • Fold or store it away.

To make sure that your bike rack is safe from theft and other sources of damage, fold it properly (if you can) and store it away. You can put it in your outdoor storage container or shed. Just make sure that it is out of your way and safely locked up.

  • Keep it out of the sun or harsh weather

As I just mentioned above, constant moisture can damage the material of the bike rack. Similarly, if your bike rack is a sitting outside on rainy days or extremely hot weather, it will ultimately catch problems; the most probable one being rust. Thus, if it is raining outside, or if it is mid-July, take extra care of your bike Rack and don’t leave it outside. Make sure you keep the rack covered or stored somewhere safe and dry.

  • Ensure proper padding

If your bike rack is metal and it is in direct contact with the car, both surfaces will face damage. To combat this and make sure nothing is scratched or harmed, keep the pads on the rack and don’t remove them. If not already padded, add a few socks or pieces of cloth here and there and make your own DIY padding.


Hence, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient bike rack for Mini Cooper, you can get one of the above-mentioned options based on your requirements, preferences, and budget. But whatever you do, don’t underestimate the ability of a bike rack. Believe me, it’ll make your life much easier!

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