Ride a Bike to Lose Weight

Ride a Bike to Lose Weight

Getting on your bike is a terrific way to enjoy the outdoors, you benefit from the fresh air, see the countryside, or just get about town and it’s healthy.

As if all of that wasn’t enough an added benefit is this…

Cycling is an efficient way to burn off those calories, and that means you will shed excess body fat as well as get fitter. So cycling as well as being an enjoyable activity helps you to lose weight, a win, win scenario!

The likelihood is that while cycling you will probably burn between 400 to 500 calories an hour. The motion of biking is effective at building muscle definition, particularly cycling uphill and that increases fat burning.

Great legs too!

As the legs work, the muscles become stronger and leaner and more shapely. The adipose tissue goes and you are left with great shapely legs.

Not only do they look great but more muscle on your body increases the resting metabolic rate and that means more calories burn even when you are at rest.

Lose weight whilst you sleep!

The good news is that after your bike ride even whilst you sleep in bed you are still burning off those extra calories. Now that has got to be a great reason to start cycling to lose weight!

Strengthen your core

When you cycle your body core is being strengthened, which means without any additional exercise the back muscles and abdominal muscles are getting stronger.

A stronger body core gives you better balance and posture, benefiting almost all every day activities, carrying and playing with the kids, housework, cleaning the yard, even lifting the groceries.

Ready to start cycling to lose weight?

Fed up of dieting, can’t get motivated to go to the gym, or at least stick with it. If this sounds familiar, then get the bike out, and go for a ride. Enjoy the experience, freedom, it gives you time to think and take notice of your environment. Oh, and by the way, anyone can do it and it’s free!

Consider these:-

  • Take the time to enjoy it and schedule a 1 hour daily bike ride
  • Commute to and from work or school
  • Plan a family or group bike ride a few times a week, you can make these bike rides longer
  • Use your bike to errands or visit a friend.

All of these activities are going to result in calories burned and extra pounds shed. Plus, they are fun, sociable and you’ll get fit without realizing it, which is a great way to go about getting fit and losing weight.

You probably already know that yoyo diets don’t work, an exercise in fits and starts doesn’t do it. A change in lifestyle and gradual weight loss is what works.

Introducing cycling into your life is a long term solution for healthy living, good exercise and weight loss that works and continues to work.

Over time, biking is going to help you get stronger, you will become leaner and as a consequence, you will feel more positive about your body and good about yourself.

What are you waiting for, start cycling your way to a fitter, leaner body today?

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