Racor PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand – One of the Highest Rated Freestanding Bike Stands on the Market

PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand

Riding a bike can definitely be a fun experience, as it allows one to forget about one’s hectic daily schedule and be in close contact with Mother Nature, but when it comes time to put it away–an unpleasant experience might take place, especially if you reside in a tight space.

Bike storage has always been an issue for numerous bike owners, no matter how big or small they are. The majority of homeowners just opt to store their bikes in the garage which is not the route to take as bikes can easily get tangled, easily fall over, and damage vehicles or other products that are present in the garage.

Thankfully, there are many freestanding bike stands on the market that is able to alleviate this issue.

Highest Rated Freestanding Bike Stand

There are a variety of bike stands to choose from. This can definitely cause a bit of confusion when you are trying to decide which one of them is the best option.

At the moment, the bike stand that has been garnering numerous of positive reviews and ratings in an uncountable number of reputable online sites where consumers are allowed to rate and review their most recent purchases is the affordable

PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand by Racor

. In order to see if it lives up to the hype that surrounds it, we decided to undertake the task of reviewing it in order to help you determine if it is worth the purchase or not.

History of Racor

PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand

Ever since it was established on the market in 1985, the brand Racor has been developing freestanding bike stands. This company has been able to stand out from the crowd due to always utilizing high-quality materials to ensure that consumers are going to be pleased with their products for many years to come.

Racor has always been offering innovative bike storage solutions to help homeowners create an organized and safe area for both their families and bikes while helping them free up as much space as possible in the area where they opt to place their bike(s).

Buzzworthy Features

The PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand by Racor comes in two different options: the two or four bike option. It contains independent adjustment arms.

Vinyl-coated cradles are able to protect your bikes, no fasteners, screws, or bolts are required. This type of stand is able to fit a variety of different bike sizes and frames which is just one of the reasons why it has been selling like hotcakes ever since it was presented to the public.

Top Benefits

One of the benefits that we quickly noticed about this freestanding bike stand by Racor is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a surprise at all if you have purchased from Racor before.

This company always makes sure to integrate this type of warranty to their products so that consumers can rest assured that in the case something goes wrong with their stands, Racor will have them 100% covered.

PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand

This stand is quite simple and quick to install, attaches very snugly, and it’s easy and quick to unload and load bikes with it. In addition to this, it has a secure locking system, and it is adequately designed to stop damage.

Possible Downfall

Just like everything else in this life, the PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand by Racor has an element that might be a downfall for some individuals. In order to screw it to the wall, it is suggested that you follow the instructions that come along in the manual. If you fail to do so, you will not attain the expected outcome.

As you can conclude, the PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand by Racor really does live up to the hype that surrounds it. It is currently one of the bestselling bike stands on the market, and it seems like it is going to stay that way until Racor releases a new version of it in the next couple of years.

The price of it is extremely cheap. You are definitely getting a lot for your money when you opt to purchase this bike stand which is why we highly recommended to any bike owner who wants to place their bikes on a stand that is made of high quality, in order to free some space in their garage and provide safety to their bikes, belongings, and families.