A Complete Look at the Solo Shot 2 “Robot Cameraman”

SOLO SHOT 2 with Base & Tag

While we usually focus on reviewing bike racks and other bicycle products and accessories, the SOLO SHOT 2 looked like it could provide tons of fun for plenty of cycling enthusiasts. 

After careful thought, we decided it was definitely worth reviewing and introducing to our readers.  Keep in mind that the SOLOSHOT 2 can be used in a variety of outdoor activities, such as surfing, snowboarding, paragliding, soccer, and RC flying, but we are reviewing it through the eyes of someone with a passion for cycling. 

Let’s examine what the SOLOSHOT2 is and what it consists of, as well as its many features and benefits, before looking at why this is a product an avid cyclist may want to invest in.

What is the SOLO SHOT2?


Often referred to as a “robot cameraman”, SOLO SHOT2 (SS2) is a camera base/ mount that attaches to a standard tripod and allows a digital camcorder the opportunity to track and film you while you wear a small armband. 

Essentially, you can record your outdoor activities, such as your bike ride, from a distance of up to 2,000 feet without having to rely on a second person. 

You film what you want, when you want without a bunch of hassle.  Later, you can completely relive your experience from the comfort of home.

What is Included with the SOLO SHOT 2?

The SS2 is comprised of a base, a USB charging cable, and a waterproof, shock resistant tag that is worn using the included armband on your own wrist.  You can usually purchase this for around $400.  However, this does not include a camera or a tripod. 

You also have the option of purchasing the SS2 Sony CX405 Camcorder Bundle, which comes with a Sony CX405 camera, camera controller, and a tripod in addition to the base and tag and is currently priced around $650.



If needed, you can purchase an additional tag for around $150 or an extra base for $250.  Although it is not necessary for the SS2 to function, you may want to purchase the SS2 Camera Controller, an accessory that fits onto the base and connects to your camera via a USB cable to allow for communication between the SS2 and the supported camcorders, cameras, and DSLRs.

Available for slightly less than $100, this gives you the chance to control the zoom automatically and start/ stop the tag.  At the present time, the camera controller is only compatible with Sony CX and PJ series cameras.

A variety of accessories are also available including a tripod bag, rain cover, waistband (which offers an alternative to wearing an armband), and a professional grade tripod priced at slightly less than $250 that measure 5 feet 6 inches when fully extended and a collapsible length of 3.54 inches.

SOLO SHOT2 Specifications

The SS2 base is orange and black and weighs 2.65 pounds with dimensions of 3 x 7 x 11 inches, while the lightweight and adjustable tag comes in a combination of white and black. 

If you opt to purchase the bundle package, the custom tripod has a collapsed length of 2 ft. 3 in. and measures 5 feet when it is fully extended.

How Does the SOLO SHOT2 Work?


The SOLO SHOT2 is surprisingly easy to use.

Simply attach any camera that weight 5 pounds or less and has a standard tripod thread of ¼ inch.  Then, pair the base and tag together.  After the base and tag are together, the SOLO SHOT2 automatically pans and tilts your camera to ensure you stay in the shot.  

If you purchase the camera controller (remember it will only work with the Sony CX and PJ series camera), you can also use Automatic Zoom tracking and to send shutter/ record commands to the base directly from your tag.

As an added bonus, you can record yourself from a variety of angles simultaneously by pairing your tag to multiple bases.  You also have the option of pairing multiple tags to one base to film your friends. 

While it automatically tracks the fastest or closest person, you can press the tag’s “Follow Me” button to ensure it catches you in action.  You can pair up to 10 tags to one base, while you can pair as many bases as you want to one tag.  GoPro cameras are also compatible with SS2.  Simply mount the GoPro onto the base using your GoPro tripod mount.

Features of the Solo Shot 2

It seems that the manufacturers of Solo Shot 2 made every effort to include every conceivable feature a user could want.   Features include:

  • To catch every second of the action, the base rotates a complete 360 degrees at a rate of 80 degrees per second.  For every ten feet a subject is away from the base, it is able to track at a speed of almost 10mph faster.
  • The base tilts 60 degrees down and 90 degrees up and can track at 35 degrees per second.
  • The battery life of the base is eight hours, while the battery in the tag lasts up to four hours.  However, the additional battery life on the base can be used to supply battery power to the camera.  This gives the complete system the ability to last up to four The rechargeable batteries are included with your purchase.
  • You can record your bike ride (or any other outdoor activity) from as little as ten feet away or as far as 2,000 feet away.
  • The tag is resistant to shock and is waterproof.
  • It allows for remote camera control via your tag.
  • It includes four networking and tracking modes.
  • The Solo Shot2 is equipped with a security feature that locks the base and camera to a stationary object so you do not have to worry about someone walking away with it.
  • All SOLO SHOT products include a manufacturer’s limited one year warranty, as well as a 30 day no questions asked return policy.

Advantages of the SOLO SHOT2

  • There has never been an easier way to go back and critique your performance or simply take an enjoyable look back at one of your favorite rides. It is essentially the ultimate selfie video!
  • Weighing only 2.1 oz., you probably will not even realize the tag is there.  It measures 50 x 47 x 23mm and can be adjusted to fit almost any size wrist.  Many people, especially women, opt to wear their tag around their ankle.
  • Thanks to the K Lock security feature you can lock the camera to the base, the base to a tripod, and mount it something stationary, so that you can be certain it will still be there when you get back.
  • Setup can easily be completed within ten to fifteen minutes as long as you follow the included directions specifically.
  • The quality of the pictures and videos are amazing according to countless users.  As an added bonus, Solo Shot stays focused on the tag no matter what.  If you have been using a person to record your rides and occasionally get frustrated when they move the camera too slowly, this is the perfect way to completely eliminate the problem.

Disadvantages of the SOLO SHOT2

  • Currently, the Solo Shot2 can only be used outdoors, though this does not really pose a problem for bike riders.
  • The base will not work on a moving vehicle, such as a car or boat.  It must be mounted on stationary land.
  • It lacks a remaining battery charge indicator.  However, the base does have a battery life of eight hours, which is usually more than enough unless you have a really long ride planned.
  • The base is NOT waterproof.  However, the manufacturer does sell a rain cover that can be used to protect the base from the elements.
  • On occasion, you may need to do a firmware upgrade to ensure your SOLO SHOT2 is running at its absolute best.

Final Thoughts on the Solo Shot2

While the SOLO SHOT 2 definitely strays from the bicycling products and accessories we usually cover, you can probably see why we were so excited to review it. 

Overall, the SS2 is an amazing product, though it may not appeal to all cycling enthusiasts.  However, if you are a huge fan of technology and like the idea of being able to record your ride, while ensuring the camera stays perfectly focused on you, you may find it is worth purchasing.


SOLO SHOT 2 Demonstration Video:

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