Yakima TwoTimer Hitch Bike Rack Review


The Yakima TwoTimer hitch bike rack has been designed with numerous functions in mind. Therefore, the designers of this hitch bike rack have considered the convenience of incorporating a place for 2 bikes to be transported from one destination to another.

Its ease of installation and removal design will not only save time but also makes it simple for bike riders to take it wherever it needs to go.


  • Hitch bike rack has been designed for transporting 2 bikes at a time.
  • Rack holds different types of frames so it does not matter if the user has a small bike or a fat bike to transport, the makers have crafted it with the appropriate variances in wheel size, frame design, and suspensions
  • Made for versatility in fitting a 1 ¼” or a 2″ hitch receiver
  • Frame ratcheting system has been included for both fast and ease in loading and unloading of both bikes
  • When it is not in use, it is easy to Folds up and store away inside the trunk of almost any vehicle
  • Design of bike rack has been made for easy rear-of-vehicle access and includes a hitch lock to keep in place with moving around too freely








– To make life easier for those bikers who stay on the run, this bike rack system has been made to install quickly and very easily. Meaning virtually anyone in the family can do it without being confused or having unnecessary difficulties. ‘

– This system can so be attached to the vehicle very snugly so that it will not come detached and cause the owner significant problems.

– Made with a design that considers timing in loading and unloading bikes. So, these processes can be done quickly and transporting is made easy.

– Fits multiple bike frames so it is versatile enough to accommodate both small size frame and large size frame bikes when needed.


– Locking System is designed to provide security in preventing damage when it is being transported from place to place

– Bike rack is delivered 90% complete so there is very little additional assembly that needs to be done. In fact, it only requires installing a bar and two screws to use it right away.

– It is also important to note that vehicles with hatchbacks can be opened without having to remove the hitch rack biking system from its frame. Meaning it will not prevent other activities in the trunk from being taken care of once it has been installed.


Though there are numerous benefits to purchasing this type of bike rack system, there are a few cons too that must be considered when reviewing it for its features and its usability.

Some of the most common drawbacks with this type of bike rack system are provided in the information that has been provided below.

– Some components of this bike racking system have been Made of Flimsy materials

– Ergonomics can be improved

– Foam used to separate the bikes are too cheap because it tears apart during transport. Meaning the user may have to improvise with other alternatives to keep bikes from damaging the other while in transit

– The 2 inch adapter that has been included in this system does not function well


Consumer feedback

Overall, consumer feedback is very positive for this product, and this system has received a very high rating from those who have tried it out after receiving it.

Most consumers gave the highest score possible because it met and usually exceeded their expectations based on the manufacturers’ claims.

Some people like this bike rack system because it is easy for them to put the bikes on the rack and then take them off again when they arrive at their destination.

So, there is not a lot of time wasted getting access to bikes when it is time to ride.

For the price paid, it is also a good buy for the consumer. Also, since the Yakima TwoTimer Hitch Bike Rack has a hitch lock that has been included to secure it, the driver of the vehicle does not have to worry about it coming loose and the bikes falling off in the midst of being transported to the location and causing unnecessary damage.

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