The Ultimate TYGER Deluxe 4-Bike Carrier Rack Review

Recently, I was thinking of getting a new bike rack, to replace the one i had previously that looked a bit out of date and shabby.

I considered buying the Thule and the Yakima because these brands are highly rated by another bike enthusiast. When I checked on Amazon, they have many positive reviews.

I love positive reviews and only buy products that has 4 or 5 stars.

However, a fellow cyclist, suggested that I check out the Tyger deluxe 4 Bike rack. It is sturdy, beautifully designed, and comes with a black powdered finish that I just love.

Based on the reviews i received, I realised that this heavy-duty bike carrier system is very capable, easy to use, with simple to follow instructions, and of course, is perfect to transport the bikes for the entire family to the trail.

The Tyger deluxe 4 bike rack is beautifully a designed bike Carrier system with a lovely powered finish, that will amplify the look of your vehicle, and make it easy to transport up to 4 bikes to the bike trail or outing.

It is simply the perfect travel accessory if you need to transport your bike anywhere. The prices are constantly changing, check out this Tyger bike rack here on Amazon.

The Tyger Deluxe 4 bike rack is a dual-arm carrier with a 4-bike capacity – again perfect for my family. It fits perfectly on hitch receiver on my vehicle. The Tyger bike rack works on vehicles that has a 1 ¼ or 2 inches hitch receiver.

This 4-bike rack is suitable for sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, trucks and SUVs provided there’s a matching receiver hitch. Although the Tyger bike rack is good, it is not suitable for trailers, RV, or any vehicle longer than 18 feet.

If you are a budget conscious person, this bike rack is a good choice, for you, because it is competitively priced. It is possible to get it for a couple hundred dollars cheaper than other top brands that is also beautifully constructed and feature packed. 

Let us just say that the TYGER Deluxe 4 bike rack is a worthwhile investment for bikers searching for a capable and affordable rack.

The basics of the Tyger 4 bike racks

The rack features a dual-arm construction with a single supporting center mast. The arms can fold down when not in use to create parking space and the mast can tilt to an angle to allow access to the trunk.

The TYGER Deluxe comes with straps and locks that secure the bikes acts as a theft deterrent. This bike rack works similar to other hitch mount racks where it is not strange to use and operate.

For piece of mind it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Features of the Tyger bike rack

The Tyger bike rack construction is made of sturdy steel metal with a black e-coating that is corrosion resistant to ensure long lasting durability. It is designed with a center mast that supports two rubber-cushioned carry arms that protects the paint on the bike frame from scratches.

Each of the carry arms has 4 soft cradles where the bikes are mounted onto the racks. And, the bikes are then secured onto the soft cradles using the included safety straps.

Installation of the Tyger bike rack

The set up of the rack is easy and straightforward like most other hitch mounted bike carriers. For installation you just have to follow these easy steps. Watch this video that shows basic installation. Enjoy.

To set up the rack, here are a number of key points on the insallation:

  1. First, carefully slide the hitch, on the center mast, into the hitch receiver on the car. The hitch receiver on most vehicles is either 1 ¼ or 2 inches width.
  2. Once the hitching pole is inside the hitch receiver, take your time to slide the hitch forward until the pinhole on the hitch is line up with the hole on the hitcher receiver;
  3. Insert the lock bolt (ships with the rack) through the hitch and the hitch receiver, you need this to screw the anti-wobble bolt through the joint and then tighten it for security.
  4. The hitch pin lock secures the rack onto the hitch to guarantee safety.
  5. The pin is removed to tilt the rack when you want to access your trunk.
  6. The rack ships with a cable lock to the secure the bikes onto the rack.

TYGER Deluxe 4-bike Carrier Rack Pros

As with most hitch-mounted bike racks this deluxe bike carrier system is easy to set up and comes with easy to follow step by step instructions. The Deluxe only requires the rack to be fitted into a compatible receiver hitch – either the 1 ¼ or the 2 inches receiver.

The Deluxe bike rack is perfect for the budget minded individuals that need a high quality, sturdy bike rack without the high prices. It is one of the cheapest in its category.

It is easy for you to load bikes on the Tyger bike rack. It is also very easy to unload the bikes from the rack. It is basically a one man or woman operation.

If you need space the park better in the garage, the folding carry arms on the bike rack can fold down to create a compact rack, giving you enough space to be able to park in the average garage.

The tilt down feature of the bike rack makes it easy for you to access the trunk of the car without dismantling the rack from the receiver hitch. In order to use this feature, the bikes have to be unloaded, which is a bit inconvenient.

The cradles on the carry-arms of the bike rack are padded to prevent the bike’s frame from scratching.

The Deluxe bike rack by Tyger is a well-designed, heavy-duty rack with a carrying capacity of 4 bikes making it perfect for a family of four to go out together. 

Security was considered by the bike manufacturer and a cable lock was included in the package at no extra cost to the buyer. This is a good gesture because the last thing I want is for my bike to be stolen.

A hitch pin lock is included to make it more difficult for someone to steal the bike rack from the car.

Safety straps are included on the soft cradles so that the bikes are firmly secured onto the carry arms. This is to prevent the swaying motion during transportation.

TYGER Deluxe 4-bike Carrier Rack Cons

This rack is attached to the frame of the bike, therefore, no matter how much you strap it, there will always be some swaying, shaking, and wheel spins.

The tilt-down feature does not work properly when rack is loaded with bikes.

When the bike rack is loaded, the visibility from the back glass is limited.

The only connection with the bike is the top tube making it difficult to carry kids or ladies’ bikes. You can buy a top tube from Amazon to solve this problem.

The Yakima top tube from Amazon is a good choice, it comes highly recommended by Amazon users.


The Deluxe 4-Bike Carrier can be considered as one of the most affordable heavy-duty racks that offer straightforward installation and great ease of use.

Security is at the heart of this company and they, therefore, included a cable lock as standard for the security of your bike. It is easy to fold the carry arms when not in use, to make space for parking in a tight space or to place in storage.

In my opinion, the TYGER Deluxe 4-bike rack is a great choice, if you’re looking for a rack that is affordable, well-built and sturdy with a beautiful finish. If you need this bike rack you can buy it here on Amazon.

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