Softride Dura Assist 26321 Access 4 Bike Hitch Rack Review

Hitch Mount Bike Rack

The Softride Dura Assist 26321 Access 4 Bike Hitch Rack is uniquely designed for both safety and convenience. This hanging style rack is secured and then locked to either a 2” or 1-¼” hitch receiver.

The rack can carry up to 4 bikes and works well with both adult and children’s bikes.

Soft rubber cradles support the bikes and keep them from wobbling while on the road. The hydraulic assist feature allows the rack to be lowered while the bikes remain upright for easy trunk access.

And a safety reflector on the arms keeps both the bikes and the vehicle visible during nighttime travels.

Hitch racks can be a good option for bikers with hitch access on their vehicle. Because of the stable frame, easy installation, and quick loading and unloading, this style of rack is optimal for frequent use.

Softride Dura Assist 26321 Access 4 Bike Hitch Rack Features

●    Hitch rack fits both 2” and 1-¼” hitches
●    Powder-coated, durable hanging style rack holds up to 4 bikes
●    QuietRide locking bolt secures the rack to the receiver and prevents any rattling
●    Hydraulic assist makes it easier to tilt the rack away for rear vehicle access
●    Patented parallelogram design keeps the bikes upright even as the rack tilts
●    Arms can easily be removed for storage by pressing a spring-loaded button
●    Anti-sway cradles support the bikes and keep them steady
●    Rubber straps work to secure the bikes
●    An integrated cable lock is included to prevent theft
●    Includes a safety reflector on the front of the rack


  • This hanging style hitch rack minimizes possible damage to both the bikes and the vehicle because the bikes are located farther away from the vehicle.
  • The rack holds up to 4 bikes in stable, anti-sway cradles which keep the bikes from rocking back and forth and prevents bike-on-bike damage.
  • The QuietRide locking bolt secures the hitch to the receiver and then locks it in place. This also prevent rattling.
  • Built-in hydraulic assist aid helps to raise and lower the rack even when the bikes are fully loaded so bikers will still have rear vehicle access. And because of the unique parallelogram design, the rack remains level which keeps the bikes upright even as the rack is being lowered.
  • A safety reflector provides night time visibility for added safety during evening travels.
  • An integrated cable lock is included to deter theft.
  • The rack arms are easily removed by pinching a spring-loaded back knob for easy storage. This allows the base of the rack to remain on the vehicle even when it is not being used.
  • Wheel straps are available to keep the wheels from spinning during transit.


Many consumers found this rack a good purchase and appreciate the stable frame and convenient features it offers. There were suggestions as to how the functionality and design could have been improved. Some common complaints are included in the information below.

  • While a security cable is included, the padlock that goes with it must be purchased separately.
  • Some consumers found the rubber straps difficult to use.
  • Because the rack is so sturdy this also makes it heavy, and it may be difficult for some people to lift.
  • An adapter bar may need to be purchased separately to keep step-through, dual-suspension, and children’s frames level on the rack.
  • It can be challenging to load all 4 bikes onto the rack at once as there is minimal room between each slot.
  • The tilting design works as intended but some consumers felt that it still takes quite a bit of strength to lift the rack back upright, even with the hydraulic assist.

Consumer Feedback

Consumer feedback for this product was mostly positive, with many consumers feeling this rack works exactly as it was advertised. Many consumers felt that for the price paid and the features offered, this design can’t be beat.

Perhaps what makes this rack stand out the most is the hydraulic assist and patented parallelogram design. The hydraulic assist allows the fully loaded rack to tilt away from the vehicle for trunk access. And the parallelogram design means that even as the rack tilts, it still remains level and the bikes remain upright.

With moderate pricing and numerous safety features, this rack is an excellent buy for the consumer. And since the Softride Dura Assist 26321 Access 4 Bike Hitch Rack has a spring-loaded button that makes it easy to remove the rack arms for storage, it is not necessary to uninstall the entire rack during periods of non-use.

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