Saris Thelma Hitch Mount Bike Rack Reviews


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As simple to use as she is stylish, the Saris® Thelma 2-bike tray hitch rack is incredibly easy to load, so your only workout is the ride, not racking your bike.
Bikes are loaded and ready to go in under two minutes, and the entire rack can be installed or removed by just one person…

Saris Thelma 2-Bike

If you have to transport two bicycles and want a way to do it safely and conveniently, give a look at the

Saris Thelma 2-bike hitch mount bike rack

. This 26-pound rack can be easily installed or removed by one person, and the thin profile means you just might want to leave it installed.

Designed by frame designer Fabio Pedrini, the Thelma hitch mount rack can be folded when not in use for ease in parking in tight spaces. The Universal Hitch fits 1-1/4 inch and 2-inch hitches making it possible to use it on any vehicle with a hitch.

The contoured wheel trays hold almost any size bike tire up to Down Hill knobbies, and grip tires tightly, never touching the bike frame. The trays have ratchet straps to secure bikes in place, but you can also purchase locking cables for added security.

An additional accessory that you might want to consider is a Locking Hitch Tite as an anti-theft measure to secure the rack to your vehicle.

Because the rack doesn’t touch your vehicle or the bikes it carries, you won’t damage the finish on either. The sturdy construction of this rack guarantees that it will last a lifetime.

The Thelma 2-bike hitch mount rack is one of Saris’ most popular bike racks.

Saris Thelma 3-Bike Platform Hitch Rack 

Stylish and simple to use, the Saris® Thelma 3-bike platform hitch rack is a unique solution for bicycle transportation. The unique design contacts the tires only, protecting your bike’s finish, and it can accommodate everything from road slicks to downhill knobbies…

Transporting your expensive bicycles does not have to be a huge pain in the neck; nor do you have to worry that your bikes will be damaged in transit. Saris Cycling Group makes a rack that will fit your particular needs. For those who have to carry multiple bikes, the 

Saris Thelma hitch mount 3-bike rack

is a good choice.

Saris Thelma 3-Bike

The wheel trays of the Thelma can accommodate a wide range of bikes from road slicks to downhill tires. There is never any contact with the frame of the bike, guarding against scratches and dents. The trays also minimize sway of bikes in transit.

The Thelma 3-bike hitch mount rack carries three bikes up to 35 pounds each, making it possible for you to carry even different bike styles at the same time.

The contoured arms fit snugly over almost any size bike tire. Depending on how high your handlebars and seats are, bikes mounted on the back of an SUV with this mount don’t block too much of your review mirror’s view.

This rack weighs a mere 26 pounds and is a snap to install or remove from your vehicle. Unlike many racks, installation is a one-person operation. The Thelma has a Universal Hitch that fits 1-1/4 inch and 2-inch hitches, so you can use it on different vehicles.

Accessories for the Thelma hitch rack include locking cables to lock bikes in the rack for added security, and a hitch lock, the Locking Hitch Tite, to secure the rack to your vehicle.

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