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Saris Bike Rack

Saris is the Best!  A Saris Testimonial…

I’ve tried a few different types of bike racks in the past, but I can’t say that any of them really blew me away. They always seemed to have nagging little problems that got on my nerves every time I used them. My car was stolen a few weeks ago and my bike rack went with it; so when the insurance came through I needed a new car and a new rack and this time I chose a Saris bike rack. Best move I ever made. I’m over the moon.

The reason I chose to go with Saris was partly because of the personal recommendations from a couple of my friends (thanks guys). They used to get sick of hearing me moaning on about the problems with my previous racks and told me I should get a Saris. Both of my friends swore by them, but I was so used to swearing at my racks I didn’t want to rush into a purchase I might later regret; so I did some online checking and found so many positive reviews for Saris that I thought I would give them a try. But I never seemed to get around to buying one (busy life) until some nice person was kind enough to steal my car from the local parking lot. It was a pain at the time, but they did me a favor really, because I have a better car now and the best bike rack that I have ever owned.

Saris has a whole range of different sized bike racks. Both of my friends need to haul three bikes around with them; so they have the three-bike racks. I only need to carry two bikes though, so I didn’t need to go that big.

You can get hold of Saris bike racks just about everywhere, I got mine from a local store, but even if I’d been living out in the middle of nowhere it would have been easy enough to buy one onlinebecause this is such a popular brand.

I’ll be honest here and say that I am a very poor handy-man, and usually get into all kinds of trouble whenever I try and do anything that vaguely resembles DIY, but the Saris was so easy to install on my vehicle that I almost felt like taking a lap of victory after I’d finished. I usually leave the rack on all the time, but have needed to remove it a couple of times, and in each case it was easy as pie to get it on and off—even for me!

It’s a good solid piece of kit as well, and it seems to be totally immune to rust, so this one will probably be the last rack I ever need to buy. Being so strong doesn’t make it heavy either; it’s easy to lift on and off if you need to and, with fuel prices being what they are, a nice light rack is a definite bonus. I should also mention that the Saris does not cramp your bikes so close together that they end up scratching each other (if you’ve had racks that do, you will know what a pain can be).

I’ve had no worries at all with my Saris, I wish I’d bought one years ago. Honestly, I love it. Top marks Saris. Ten out of ten.


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