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Why is it recommended to store your bike indoors? The weather conditions, like rain, snow, hail, etc. can ruin it. The sun will fade some of the colors eventually (usually the red color is the first to fade). The garage is the best and most common place to store it because it is the part of the house adapted to keep the transportation vehicles.

Having a bike indoors can occupy a lot of space. Also it is hard to keep ot from falling down. To solve this, several methods have been invented to store bikes. There is not a specific method that is universally accepted as the best for storing bikes. You have to analyze your situation and decide what is best for you. There are no right or wrong decisions here. These are the three most common ways of storing bikes in garages.

Bicycle Hook

One of the most common and recommended ways of storing your bike is by hanging it on a hook on the wall or ceiling. The hook has the typical “J” shape of any hook. They are very common and cheap and you can buy them at any mass merchant hardware store. The hook has to be screwed in a strong place (like a stud) in the ceiling or wall. If the ceiling is made of sheetrock, you have to either get through it (to a strong place where it hangs safely), or use the wall.

The part of the bike that you hang is the tire. You usually use one hook and hang the bike vertically, but you can use two hooks and hang the bike horizontally (one hook for each wheel). If you are going to hang several bikes together, you can hang them alternating the orientation of the bikes (one with the handle bars up and the next with the handle bars down, etc.). In this way you can hang them closer together so that they occupy less space.

One of the problems with this method of storing bikes. is that you have to measure your bike (so that it fits comfortably) and you have to screw the hook on the strong surface. Another downside of hanging the bike from a hook is that it is a little hard to lift the bike. It is important to mention that some experts believe that you can damage the structure of your bike by hanging it from the wheel, while others disagree. The wheel was certainly not designed to be used this way. This method might be safe because it is very popular and people would complain about that if it was true.

If this method to store bikes solves your specific problems, then this is the best way to store bikes in garage for you. Here is an example from Amazon.

1) Screw in Bike Hook

The hooks are made with zinc plated steel. They are sturdy, rust resistant and extremely cheap. They do their job well.

Bike Stand

Bike stands allow you to store your bike on (or near) the floor. They are not attached to walls or ceilings and they prevent the bike from falling down. They keep the bike in a comfortable position to make repairs and they do not harm your bike in any possible way. If your garage does not have a strong structure to mount anything that holds your bike, this is the best way to store bikes in the garage for you.

There are several different designs for bike stands and their prices are fairly reasonable. These are a few that you can buy at Amazon. You have a lot of different designs to choose from that adapt to your specific needs.

1) Simple Houseware 5 Bicycle Floor Parking Adjustable Storage Stand

It is an easy to use floor rack that adjusts to the number of bikes you want to store (maximum 5). It is made up of a series of tubes that you snap together. It is not 100% sturdy, but it does the job and at a reasonable price.

2) Bikehand Bicycle Floor Type Hub Mount Parking Bike Stand

This bike stand is very easy to use. It holds the bike from the central part of the wheel (the wheel is touching the floor). It has special protections so that your bike does not get ruined. It does not work for bikes with disc brakes.

3) Capstone Bike Stand 

This is a sturdy bike stand that works by putting the tire of your bike on the stand. It is very practical and does not harm your bike in any single way.

Bike Pulley System

Another popular method for storing bikes in a garage is by using a pulley system, which you mount on a strong part of the ceiling. The bike is lifted with special hooks from the handlebars and the seat. You pull a rope until the bike gets to the right height and tie it. This method is especially helpful when your garage has a high, resistant ceiling (not sheetrock).

This method is so efficient that you can raise your bike enough to allow your car to be parked underneath. However, do not do this because you could experience difficulties lowering the bike without hitting the car. You would probably have to move the car before lowering the bike, which implies more work.

One of the problems with this method is that you could hit yourself on the head with the bike if you do not watch it. Also, you have to go through the trouble of mounting it on the ceiling (especially if it is high). Another problem is that you have to get familiarized with the mechanism so that it does not feel like a hassle to lift and lower your bike. It is questionable if hanging your bike this way damages it. It was not designed to be hung this way, but it probably should not be a much of a problem.

If this method to store your bike solves your specific problems, then this is the best way to store bikes in garage for you. You can buy these in Amazon, at a reasonable price.

1) Bike Lift Hoist 

Its hooks have rubber protection, it is resistant and easy to install, and it has safety locks to prevent accidental release.


The method for storing bikes in the garage that requires the least amount of effort to install and to use is the bike stand. The only method that guarantees absolutely no damage to the bike, is also the bike stand. The method that has the greatest number of variants to adapt to your specific needs is the bike stand. The only method that allows you to repair your bike comfortably is also the bike stand. According to these criteria, it can be determined that the bike stand is the best way to store bikes in a garage. However, if your specific needs require something else, choose another method.

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