Best Ways To Hang Bikes From Garage Ceiling


Sometimes it is hard to find ways to hold the bike in the garage it is either in the way or it is on a bulky rack on the floor or laid up against the wall, taking up a lot of space. If you are looking for an easy and effective way to hang your bike from the ceiling then we are going to go over the top ten best ways to go about doing so. Okay, let’s get started with the list!

1) Industrial Bike Rack

You are going to love this, it is easy to install and makes putting the bike away a breeze, all you have to do is place two screws in the ceiling and hang the bike by the back tire. It is a small yet efficient way to keep everything in order and it will not do any damage to the bike. It is a win, win option and it is easy to take down or move to a different space as well.

2) Cycle Glide Ceiling Mount

This is one that is a little trickier to install, it is going to take two people to be able to get it onto the ceiling and you are going to both have to be on ladders. Once you get it in the position you want it only takes four screws to hold it in place. This design is going to take the hassle out of putting up your bike and taking it down as well as saving you time and space. It is able to hold up to five different bikes at one time and the weight is evenly distributed among the two tires.

3) Crawford SS18 Storage Hooks

Here, we are going back to the old school way that everyone knows. Yes, these are just the old fashion two hooks that you screw into the ceiling and then you have the option of either hanging the bike by one tire or two. Why has this option been around for so long? Because it is easy to put up, place the bike onto it, take the bike down and it saves you a lot of room in the garage.

4) Omni Bike Ceiling Rack

When you are looking at this option compared to the rest, you are going to find that it is easy to install and it is easy to work with on an every day basis. What makes this one so great is that it is sturdy, reliable and is built to last you a very long time. You also will not have to worry about there being an excessive amount of pressure being pushed against only one tire and cause you a flat.

 5) Floater Hoist Ba1 Horizontal Bike Hoist

This option is going to take a little bit more time when you initially install it, but after that it is going to make taking the bike up and down a breeze! All you have to do is use the pulley feature to raise and lower the bike from the ceiling to the ground. Here on the list we are going to talk about other ones that are similar to this one, but what makes this one so great is the fact that the bike is going to sit horizontally instead of having to hang from the ceiling which in return is going to save you room and unneeded pressure on the bike itself.

6) Hoist 101 Ceiling Mounted Rack

When you look at this option compared to the last one that we just spoke about, you are going to find that this one is much easier to install and taking the bike up and down is going to be easier than the other one. You are not going to get burns from the pulley or have to worry about it sliding side to side when you are hoisting it to or from the ground.

7) Heavy Duty Garage Ceiling Mounted Storage Hooks

Unlike the traditional storage hooks that we used to see in everyone’s garage, these are going to be a more industrial style hook, which means that they are going to give you a better peace of mind when the bike is on the rack you are not going to have to worry about the bike falling out of the ceiling or turning when you are trying to remove or put up the bike, you will not have any of the issues that you have with the traditional hooks and they are easy to install.

8) Coconut Bike Lift Hoist For Garage

This model of the hoist is going to take at least three people to install, but it is one that makes life so much easier for the everyday biker who does not like clutter. You are going to love this model. It is going to offer you everything you are looking for and more. You will have an easy time removing and replacing the bike onto the rack, the hoist itself is easy to work and takes off the weigh from the bike, so you do not have to exert too much energy. It is strong, stable and you will not have to worry about it doing any damage to your bike or yourself.

9) SEVGTY Heavy Duty Ceiling Mounts

Here, you are going to find a ceiling mount that is inexpensive, easy to install and it does not leave damage to your ceiling if you want to move it or take it with you to the next place you move. It can be installed with one person and will only need to be put up once. It will give you peace of mind knowing that the bike is secure and that no damage is being done to any of the frameworks of the bike while it is being held in place.

10) AROSETOP Vertical Bicycle Rack

This model is a really nice addition to any garage. It is easy to install, it is strong and durable, great for everyday use. The bike is going to be held in an upside down manner, putting pressure against either the front or the back tire. It does not take up a lot of room and is a great bike rack to have in every household. It is easy to use and you do not have to worry about it doing any damage to the bike while it is hanging in placement.

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