How to Properly Install Bike Racks with No Damage


Does a Bike Rack Damage Your Car?

This question is often asked when motorists are looking to mount bikes to their vehicle and the answer is no. If bike racks are properly installed, there is no damage to the vehicle or the bikes.

Over the years techniques and tips have been developed to help motorists get a better idea of how to secure their bike without causing any damage to the car.

Installing a bike rack properly starts with proper mounting. Depending upon which type of mounting bracket you have, the process may vary. Generally speaking in order to mount a bike rack, a few things have to be checked first.

The first thing to check when installing a bike rack is to ensure you have a clean, dirt-free surface. A clean, dirt-free service will allow for smooth application. If the bike rack is installed without cleaning the surface first, the rack may not stay on the vehicle properly. The rack may become lopsided and unstable at angles.

This will inevitably cause the bike to sit improperly on the rack. Problems that arise from this include scratches on the car as well as damage to the back or the roof.

For this reason, it is very important to ensure that the surface is clean prior to installation. The next tip for protecting your vehicle is to use protective films.

Protective films act as a barrier between the car’s surface and the bike rack. Some of the best types of protective films on the market include Lamin-x Roof Rack Guard and Scotchgaurd Clear Paint Protector.

These protective films are highly recommended when installing bicycle racks. Certain racks come equipped with clear protective stickers that can attach to the spots where the bike contacts the vehicle.

Depending upon the type of rack you have purchased, this may or may not be an option. Regardless, the simplest solution is to use protective films. This guarantees the safety of your vehicle while using bike racks.

The next step is to ensure proper mounting takes place. Use the correct straps to ensure the bicycle is mounted the right way before moving the vehicle.

Check to make sure no objects are out of place in the mounting or on the bikes themselves. This will prevent damage from potential dents. Once the bikes have been mounted on the fixture, it is very important to secure the bikes.

Securing the bikes can include straps and other mechanisms provided by the manufacturer. The different types of bicycle racks include roof racks, hitch racks, and truck racks.

Depending upon the car there are different reasons to get each rack. Taking the necessary steps to ensure your car stays safe as well as your bike is of utmost importance. Roof racks, hitch racks, and truck racks are all viable solutions for vehicles looking to transport bicycles. In terms of accessibility, roof racks are made of load bars, feet and the tray for the bicycle.

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