Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack Review

Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Allen Sports prides itself on producing quality bike racks at reasonable prices for its customers. Their designs gear towards making their products as simple and easy to understand as possible so as to provide a better experience for their customers.

They also try to make their hitch light enough so the entire process of putting the hitch together can be done without too much strain. The Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Mount bike rack can carry up to five bikes at one time and swings outward giving access to the rear of the vehicle.

It is built to be sturdy, its installation is straightforward, and its bike loading process requires minimal effort. This makes this bike rack uncomplicated for bike riders with multiple bikes to travel.

It is built to be sturdy, its installation is straightforward, and its bike loading process requires minimal effort. This makes this bike rack uncomplicated for bike riders with multiple bikes to travel.

Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack Features:

  • Its product dimensions are 32.3 X 13.7 X 3.5
  • Is hitch mounted and the insert fits 2-inch receiver hitches.
  • Hitch has a bolt to prevent wobbling during transportation.
  • Has an internal tilt-away release for easy access
  • Tie-down cradles come with straps to protect and secure each bicycle on the hitch.
  • The carry arm design is well spaced accommodating a wide variety of bike sizes and designs.
  • To increase security there is an integrated locking loop


  • Most of the assembly is already complete.
  • The parts are light enough to be put together without too much strain.
  • The biker only has to attach the hitch to the post then mount the carry-on.
  • There is an internal tilt away release that enables lift gate access.
  • Mounting the bikes is easier to manage since it is on a hitch. The tie on straps are easy to use.
  • Has an integrated locking loop to provide bicycle security.
  • The bike rack is sturdy and secure. There is minimal wobble during transport.
  • The bikes do not rub up against each other.


Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Mount bike rack

The Allen Premium 5-bike hitch bike rack is able to transport up to five bikes at one time. However, that means it is that much more important that all bikes be delivered safely from one destination to another.

This sets high expectations for the customers who put their faith in this rack. The following list is a compilation of common customer complaints about this product.

  • There have been reports of strap residue making it hard to keep clean while mounting and dismounting bikes.
  • The straps break easily and sometimes the holes are not big enough to fit where they are supposed to.
  • Mounting a fifth bike can be troublesome and sometimes causes it to swing if not tied down properly with your own separate straps.
  • Children’s bikes are also harder to mount due to their size so extra precautions need to be taken when loading them onto the rack.

Consumer Feedback:

Consumers have rated this product as 4 and a half stars believing it to be excellent both in quality as well as price. Most consumers were happy with the easy assembly and installation because it saved them time when prepping for a trip.

Though there were many positive reviews for this product there are always a small number of customers who have negative feedback. Here are some problems past buyers faced when buying this product.

The most common issue was the problem with the straps holding the bikes down. A few consumers reported having the straps break or having a residue stain their hands while putting the product together.

The straps would leave black stains on everything making mounting the bikes a dirty job. However, the number of reviews with this problem is greatly outweighed by customers who have stated that they had never had this problem.

Some tips previous buyers have repeatedly stated in their reviews is planning where each bike will go during transit. Figuring out how each bike will fit will take some time especially if you are working with children’s bikes.

Taking price, quality, and ease of installment into account it is probably worth looking into if the consumer has more than two bikes that need to be mounted. Many previous buyers recommended the

Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack

to others saying it was an excellent and well-built product. By providing this feedback the consumer can feel confident that this bike rack will fulfill its purpose when traveling with multiple bikes. They don’t have to worry about flimsy materials. This comment is his particular bike rack is great for families and friends to use when traveling.

Allen 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2” Receiver) Installation Video:

Video shows you the difference between the premium v deluxe:

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Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

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